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    Buddha Point

    Buddha Point, also known as Buddha Dordenma, is a magnificent statue of Buddha Shakyamuni located in the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu. The statue is 51.5 meters tall and is made of bronze and gilded in gold. It is situated on top of a hill, overlooking the city and the Thimphu Valley.

    The construction of the statue was initiated by a Bhutanese businessman named Dasho Jigme Dorji Wangchuk in 2006 to celebrate the 60th birth anniversary of the fourth king of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuk. It was completed in 2015 and is one of the largest Buddha statues in the world.

    The statue is a symbol of peace and prosperity, and its construction is believed to bring harmony and happiness to the people of Bhutan. The Buddha Dordenma statue sits on a lotus throne and is surrounded by 125,000 smaller Buddha statues. These smaller statues are placed inside the body of the Buddha and are made of bronze and copper.

    Visitors can climb the stairs to the base of the statue and take in the panoramic views of the surrounding area. The base of the statue houses a large meditation hall, which can accommodate up to 10,000 people. The hall contains beautiful paintings and sculptures of Buddha and his teachings.

    Buddha Point is not just a tourist attraction; it is also a significant religious site for the people of Bhutan. The statue is considered a sacred site, and visitors are expected to dress modestly and behave respectfully while on the premises.

    The area surrounding Buddha Point is a beautiful park filled with lush greenery and serene walkways. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the park, enjoying the fresh mountain air and breathtaking views of the Thimphu Valley.

    In conclusion, Buddha Point is a must-visit destination in Thimphu for both tourists and locals. It is a place of spiritual significance, cultural importance, and natural beauty. The statue of Buddha Shakyamuni is an awe-inspiring sight, and the views from the top of the hill are truly breathtaking. Anyone visiting Bhutan should take the time to visit Buddha Point and experience the peace and tranquility that it offers.