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    10 Tips to travel to Bhutan

    1. Plan well in advance: Bhutan has a limited number of tourists it can accommodate each year, and there are restrictions on how long you can stay, where you can go, and what you can do. It is advisable to plan your trip well in advance to ensure you get the best itinerary and accommodation options.
    2. Choose a reputable tour operator: All tourists must book their trip through a licensed Bhutanese tour operator. Research and choose a reputable operator with a good track record and experience in organizing trips to Bhutan.
    3. Check visa requirements: Indian nationals do not require a visa to travel to Bhutan, but foreign tourists need to obtain a visa before arrival. Check the visa requirements and processing time well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.
    4. Pack for the weather: Bhutan experiences a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions depending on the altitude and season. Pack accordingly and bring appropriate clothing and gear for the activities you plan to do.
    5. Respect local customs and traditions: Bhutan is a deeply traditional and religious country, and visitors are expected to respect local customs and traditions. Dress modestly, remove your shoes when entering religious sites, and ask for permission before taking photographs of people or religious objects.
    6. Stay hydrated: Bhutan is at a high altitude, and visitors may experience altitude sickness. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and tobacco, and take it easy for the first few days to acclimatize to the altitude.
    7. Try local cuisine: Bhutanese cuisine is unique and delicious, and visitors should try the local dishes such as ema datshi (chili cheese) and momos (dumplings). Vegetarian options are also available.
    8. Be prepared for limited internet access: Internet access in Bhutan is limited, especially in remote areas. Be prepared to disconnect and enjoy the natural beauty and peaceful surroundings.
    9. Carry cash: Credit cards are not widely accepted in Bhutan, and ATMs are not available in all areas. Carry enough cash to cover your expenses and exchange currency at authorized exchange counters or banks.
    10. Be open to new experiences: Bhutan is a unique and fascinating country with a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty. Be open to new experiences, meet the friendly locals, and enjoy the journey!